Whistleblowers deserve their qui tam reward

Blowing the whistle on drug firms http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-whistle-blower-20110124,0,5954723.story

A small pharmacy in Key West, Florida has returned more than $2.2 Billion to the U.S. Treasury through the False Claims Acts by filing qui tam actions alleging fraud against Medicare and Medicaid.

Ven-A-Care has brought to justice drug companies who have been overcharging Medicare and Medicaid millions of dollars. This company and their action have brought this issue to appropriate attention that will result in millions of dollars in savings to the government and taxpayers even if no other law suits are filed.

Ven-A-Care is deserving of every dollar they receive for this effort as it represents a small percentage of what the government and taxpayers receive in return. In fact, Ven-A-Care is deserving of much more credit than it receives as it serves the taxpayers protecting us against fraud committed against Medicare and Medicaid. In a few weeks, the Super Bowl champions will be invited to the White House to meet President Obama. Shouldn’t Ven-A-Care receive the same attention and be invited to the White House for a well-deserved “Thank You” from the President of the United States? The life of Americans will not change based on who wins the Super Bowl. The life of many Americans will change based on the gallant effort of Ven-A-Care and the millions of dollars it is recuperating for the government and the taxpayers.

Hats off the Ven-A-Care and a big thank you!

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